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Fabian Müller's

Taiwan Rhapsody

Pingpu ballad from Hengchun  ”The Oyster Picker‘s Wife“ 青蚵仔嫂

A wonderful lyrical ballad from the south of Taiwan. The traditional melody has different lyrics and later became popular as “The Oyster Picker’s Wife.”


Fabian Müller‘s commentary: This epic melody suggests both grandeur and a certain melancholy for me, and that is perfect for the expressive sound of the cello. To shift between the expression of hope on one side and melancholy on the other, I alternated continuously between minor and major-key modulations in the orchestral score. This might come as a surprise to listeners who are used to hearing the melody accompanied by minor-key harmonies only. With these layers of emotional ambiguity, I hope to add a certain shimmer to the beauty of the melody.

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