Electronic CD Project Kid 

Fabian Müller


Concerto for Pan flute & Orchestra

Concerto for Vibraphone & Orchestra

Concerto for Heckelphone & Orchestra


Hanspeter Oggier, Pan flute

Thomas Dobler, Vibraphone

N.N., Heckelphone

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There are instruments that, despite their great potential for expressiveness and tonal possibilities, have not been able to establish themselves well in classical concerts. Wrongly so, because they are actually very much appreciated and have been used in orchestras as a great color and sound enrichment (like the vibraphone and Heckelphone) from the 20th century on. 


Although the great potential of these instruments is recognized, and there are also outstanding performers in the classical field, strangely enough, only very little concert literature has been written so far.

The CD project “Uncommon Concertos” is a project with “unheard-of” and surprising sounds accompanied by the symphony orchestra, which is sure to find resonance in the music world due to its uniqueness. But above all it would like to prepare a stage for these three instruments and contribute to increased awareness.

The project is very Swiss because it is fortunate that we have two of the world's best instrumentalists in Switzerland in Hanspeter Oggier, pan flute, and Thomas Dobler, vibraphone. 

Dates in brief

Project title: "Uncommon Concertos"

Works: 3 concerts for pan flute, vibraphone and heckelphone

Soloists: Hanspeter Oggier, pan flute - Thomas Dobler, vibraphone - N.N. Heckelphone

Recording: season 2021/22

Orchestra: Argovia Philharmonic ?

Conductor Rune Bergmann ?

Composer: Fabian Müller

CD label: probably ARS production or Solo Musica or other...

Publication: maybe 2021/22