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Fabian Müller's

Taiwan Rhapsody

Taiwan Rhapsody No 3 – "Memories"思想起

Fabian Müller‘s commentary: Taiwan Rhapsody No 3 is based on several traditional folk songs. I was fascinated when I first heard the popular folk singer Chen Da perform “Memories”, accompanied on the moon guitar. Of all folk songs handed down and sung by him, this is the most well-known. “Memories” became the principal theme of this rhapsody. I have also quoted two songs of the Amei tribe: one describes the beautiful moonlight, and the other is a Thanksgiving song. Chen Da rendered “Memories” in a very distinctive way and with wonderful originality; overall, a number of versions of the same song were performed. In one of the recent Taiwanese song books, a simplified version of “Memories” has become very popular, and I used it in this composition. The rhapsody opens like sunrays appearing behind the mountains at sunrise. The solo cello then introduces the great lyrical ballad. Eventually, the melody comes to rest on a long bass note while the harp launches into the Amei tribe’s Thanksgiving song. This song then becomes a counterpoint to the beautiful Moonlight song, played by the solo cello. A rhapsodic combination of all three melodies brings the Taiwan Rhapsody to an elegiac conclusion.

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