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Fabian Müller's

Taiwan Rhapsody

Flowers in a rainy night  雨夜花

Originally released by Columbia Records in 1934, this song is one of the most famous melodies by Teng Yu-Hsien. Using a familiar metaphor, lyricist Zhou Tian-Wang conveys the fate of a sad and dejected young woman by comparing her to the plight of a delicate flower on a rainy night.


Fabian Müller‘s commentary: The melody of “Flowers in the Rainy Night” moves me again and again. The opening melody arises freely and as if from afar in the solo cello, accompanied by quiet rain drops represented by pizzicato in the strings.This wonderful song inspired me to write the sweepingly romantic music that follows, carrying the melody further within the symphonic texture and culminating in the highest registers of the solo cello, as if ascending to the heavens.

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